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We Want You To Know
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Hostname:       ec2-107-22-63-172.compute-1.amazonaws.com

Browser and OS: CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Coordinates:    39.0481,-77.4728

ISP provider:   AS14618 Amazon.com, Inc.

City:           Ashburn

State:          Virginia

Country:        US

Date:           Tue 27th Jun,2017 09:42 am

You Have Visited A Highly Restricted and Confidential Web Site that has been secured from your view because your IP Address has already been logged previously and has triggered this page, due to your previous suspicious activity and your recent association with DNC, Vulgar, Socialist, Progressive, Communist and Other Offensive Web Sites. Your Information Has Automatically been recorded to our U.S. National and International Terrorist Watch Data Base Site. Your continued activity of these sites will have you listed on the (TSC).
We have currently run a trace route back to your computer. So we may check you against known threats and/or add you to our National Data Base. Your camera has also snapped a photo and included it along with your information for more precise identification purposes.

Your information picture and location has currently been automatically sent to:

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation National Watch Data Base
CIA - Central Inelegance Agency National Watch Data Base
DoD - Department of Defense National Watch Data Base
NSA - National Security Agency National Watch Data Base
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency National Watch Data Base (National Fraud Data Base)
DEA- Drug Enforcement Agency (National Watch Data Base)
DHS - Department of Homeland Security (National Watch Data Base)
DOJ - Department of Justice (Current Case Data Base)
TSC - Terrorist Screening Center (Checked Against Current "No Fly List")

Automatically Detected International IP Addresses are also being sent to:


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